That Odyssey Online Interview

I don't normally post twice in one week, but this is a special occasion. That interview I mentioned in yesterday's post? It's live. You can find it here. I really recommend you check out the interview if you're at all curious about my writing. While I was answering Alexander Wallace's questions, I had some insights about the Locksmith Trilogy that I'd never had before. As an example: It hadn't occurred to me until just now, but I think in both the Narnia series and my series, the worlds are matched to the characters. The Pevensies, four extraverted and adventurous children, have been taken away from all their friends and shut up in an old house where all they can do is try not to break

It’s Been a Quiet Book Release in Lake Woebegone

There are moments in the life of a writer that make it all worthwhile — moments when you discover that you’ve touched the life of another human being, that your writing has let someone know they’re not alone, their problems are neither unique nor intractable, and there really is hope for them. I could use one of those moments right now. This past week has been kind of rough. Okay, it wasn’t all bad. I got a mention in Renee Writes. I was also interviewed for Odyssey Online, and I’m told the article will see print at some point. As for sales, I sold four, count ‘em, four copies of Locksmith’s Journeys, and one of them was to myself. I bought it along with Kayla Howarth’s Losing Nuka in th

Locksmith’s Journeys: Progress Report

I've trimmed Locksmith's Journeys down until it's slightly shorter than Locksmith's Closet. It meant getting rid of a major angst-filled scene, not to mention some key moments of Rikki being Rikki, but the scene didn't have enough relevance to the larger plot, so it had to go. You can find my deleted scenes here, here and here. It looks like I joined BookBub a little too late to get Locksmith's Closet accepted in time for the next sale. But there's always another one coming up after that. It'll be nice to just get the book published and catch a breath… for about two days before I have to start working on Altered Seasons and Locksmith's War.

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