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That Odyssey Online Interview

I don't normally post twice in one week, but this is a special occasion. That interview I mentioned in yesterday's post? It's live. You can find it here. I really recommend you check out the interview if you're at all curious about my writing. While I was answering Alexander Wallace's questions, I had some insights about the Locksmith Trilogy that I'd never had before. As an example: It hadn't occurred to me until just now, but I think in both the Narnia series and my series, the worlds are matched to the characters. The Pevensies, four extraverted and adventurous children, have been taken away from all their friends and shut up in an old house where all they can do is try not to break anything. They escape into a world where they make new friends and have adventures. Locksmith is introverted, solitary and secretive. He wants to get away from his mom and older brother, but also to be useful. He escapes into a world where he is completely alone (except when he brings Gary along) but one where he has something very important to do. Read the whole thing.

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