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NaNoWriMo 2016

I’ve made a lot of progress on Altered Seasons over the past month. I’ve finished Year 3 and given a lot of shape to the remaining sections of the novel. I’ve also wiped Anchorage and Pyongyang off the map. I’ll put them right back, I swear. But now it’s time to temporarily part company with Isabel Bradshaw, Carolyn Camberg, Jerome Ross, Holbrooke Morgan, Sandra Symcox, Walter Yuschak, Henry Pratt, Jae-oh Ahn, Muhammad al-Harrak and the rest of the inhabitants of that troubled near future. For the month of November, I’m going to be trying to bring Locksmith’s War 50,000 words closer to completion. I didn’t quite succeed last year, but I got enough done on Locksmith’s Journeys that I was able to finish the book and publish it this year. I think people are going to like Locksmith’s War. It’s going to be much more action-oriented than the other two books of the series, full of paranoid situations, complicated plots and impossible odds. My reluctant hero is going to outdo himself in terms of the things he does and the dangers he faces. Locksmith will break the awesometer, and then he’ll break the replacement awesometer. He will be so metal they’ll have to seat him at the periodic table. I’ve made a schedule for myself so I can balance National Novel Writing Month, my own ghostwriting duties and various other things I need to do. I’ve decided to try to write 2,000 or more words on a certain number of days, so as to balance out the inevitable days when I fall short. I just hope the sea ice doesn't disappear from the Arctic Ocean before I can return to Altered Seasons. That would be annoying.

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