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Save the Reviews!

I was a little busier than usual last week. On Wednesday I had an interview with Delmarva Today on Altered Seasons: Monsoonrise, which you can find here. (And yes, since then I have started reading The Grapes of Wrath, as I should have done years ago.) On Saturday I gave a talk on the same book at the White Swan Tavern in Chestertown, MD. I’m sorry there’s no tape of that—I sound a lot more natural when I’m delivering a lecture I’d had a chance to rehearse. I also sold some books, so that was good.

Here are a couple more very short stories I wrote on Twitter:

Frodo thought he had it rough, returning to the Shire and finding it changed.

I’ve traveled across the galaxy and back at just below the speed of light.

There are nine planets in this system, but I can’t tell which one used to be Earth.

The upstairs neighbors were quiet at first.

Then the arguments began.

Then the screams.

Then the lies about me.

The terrible lies… or secrets… about my family. My friends.

Finally I called the police.

They said “But this is a one-story house.”

One thing I keep hearing is that a lot of writers have a problem with Amazon taking down their reviews for one reason or another. I’m not in a position where I can afford that right now, so just to be on the safe side, I’ve started preserving reviews here:

(Not everybody's a fan of breaking the fourth wall.)

Yes. Yes, I do. And honesty compels me to include this last review:

Okay, maybe I should have been a little more explicit that this was Book 1. But at least I know the reviewer liked it enough to read it through to the end.

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